Top Rated Glider Rockers

If you want to buy a glider rocker online but you don’t know which glider chair is most suited to complement the look of your baby nursery or which is the best nursery glider available on the market, then you’ve come to the right place. Truth is, very few blogs will provide you with honest reviews and reliable feedback.

We tested three of the top rated glider chairs in four different categories that we believe make the difference, if you are deciding to buy the best glider rocker for your nursery without spending exorbitant amounts of money: comfort, features, design & style and last but not least, price.

Since you are reading this article, you certainly are someone who researches a product before making a buy. You really don’t want to purchase just any nursery chair, you want a high-quality glider rocker, that is comfortable, sturdy and be the best nursery glider for the money. So, now that you know you would like to have one of the best rocking chairs that fits your needs and budget, it’s time for you to take a better look at what I consider the Top 3 Best Selling Nursery Gliders, Rocking Chairs & Ottomans.

1. Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman Set, Espresso/Beige

Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman Set is one of the best selling nursery gliders available on the market. The reason for that is quality and affordability. If you’re looking for an affordable and comfortable nursery glider this is certainly a great buy.

glider rockerThe Storkcraft Hoop Glider and Ottoman gives an instant lift to the decor of your nursery. It makes feeding time easy for mother and child while adding a touch of charm to the room. The soft polyester gives a comfortable feel while being durable. With enclosed metal ball-bearings, this wooden glider allows for incredibly smooth rocking. Solid wood construction gives these pieces a sturdy feel that you’ll appreciate far beyond the baby years.

The basic model comes with standard seating room which is approximately 20 inches between armrests, padded arm cushions and a pocket to store your belongings.

With variety of colors to choose from this glider will feel right at home in your nursery or living room.


In terms of comfort it is a very affordable nursery glider rocker perfect for rocking a baby. The fabric is very soft micro fiber and it is also extremely durable. The glide motion is very smooth and will certainly help you unwind. 20 inch width between armrests provide enough comfort for you and your baby. 10 inches height from the seat cushion to top of armrest rest is perfect for feeding. The height of the chair from the seat to the top is approximately 27 inches which gives you enough support to rest your head. This glider chair comes with side pockets to store your belongings, like a book, cell phone or feeding accessories.


This chair glides only. The glide motion is about 1 foot from rest position to maximum rock. It does not recline, however it is extremely comfortable. Included Ottoman glides along with the nursing chair for extra comfort. It doesn’t have locking option on chair or ottoman. However, you can easily stop the glide motion by putting your foot on the floor. And if you don’t move it stops. Easy to get in and out.

Easy to clean

The cushions on the chair are removable for cleaning but are not machine washable. Back and seat cushions are spot cleanable to help you keeping the look clean and fresh all year long. Any upholstery cleaner like RugDoctor or mild soap will do a great job on this material with no weird coloring.


Very easy assembly, it takes on average 20-30 min to put it together. Light weight and easy to move around.


  • This is the ideal glider and ottoman combination for your nursery with generous seating room, padded arm cushions and a pocket to store your belongings.
  • Featuring metal, enclosed ball bearings for a smooth glide motion to help you unwind.
  • The back and seat cushions are spot cleanable, keeping the look clean and fresh all year long.
  • Back and seat cushions are hand washable only
  • One year limited manufacturer’s warranty; JPMA certified

Buying it from here it is at least $70.00 cheaper than at local stores. You can save up to 35% on this nursery chair. Highly recommended!

2. Shermag Glider Rocker Combo, Espresso with Pearl Beige

Handcrafted from select hardwoods, this stylish glider rocker features thickly padded seat cushions and arms for additional comfort and a oversize seating area. A steel encased ball bearing mechanism ensures a smooth, quiet and relaxing glide motion. This glider can be adjusted and locked in multiple positions for additional comfort and enjoyment.

glider rocker 1The standout features of this nursery glider chair are thick cushion and locking mechanism. Enjoy the soft overstuffed cushioning and let it soothe you into sweet relaxation, whether you feeding your baby or just want to relax.

Locking mechanism allows you to stop the nursery glider at any desired position,be it feeding or just to relax, lean back and enjoy the comfort.

Terrific for breastfeeding and chilling out with your baby. Incredibly comfortable. You’ll love gliding away with your little one day or night. Great for small and larger moms too! Even if you’re 5’8″ plus and at 8 months pregnant it will feel very comfortable and solid.


  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Padded arms with storage
  • Soft luxurious fabric
  • Steel ball bearing system for ease of glide
  • Matching ottoman with padded cushion included

If you’re looking for a reasonable, comfortable and durable glider for you newborn’s nursery or living room this is really great chair. Especially for the price. Click here for a discount price.

3. Dorel Asia Swivel Glider, Dark Taupe

If you’re on a budget and want comfort and style at a reasonable price take look at Dorel Asia Swivel Glider. It is amazingly comfortable, rocks and swivels very smoothly.

glider rocker 2The Dorel Asia Swivel Glider offers an inviting place to relax and attend to baby. The glider features both a rotating swivel function and a smooth gliding function to cater to your needs. It also boasts a sturdy construction and an enclosed ball bearing mechanism, ensuring years of quality use. The 100% polyester fabric and two-toned welting give this piece an upscale look. The Dorel Asia Swivel Glider is plush and comfortable with its thickly padded seat cushions and seat back and its neutral tones will coordinate nicely in any room setting.

Covered with 100% polyester durable fabric, it is soft and feels almost like a velvet. The two-toned welting give this chair an upscale look.

This glider rocker is easy to clean. The 100% polyester fabric won’t soak in spit-up. The color is neutral taupe and will coordinate nicely in any room setting.

Study, firm and comfortable. It has great back support and height. You can comfortably rest your head when sitting in it. Back has perfect height even for 5’10” person allowing you to rest comfortably your head on it and you won’t get stiff feeling in you neck when you fall asleep in it.

The wingback style is great because you can rest your head against the “wings” if you fall asleep or want to take a little nap. Usually a wingback glider sells for more then $600. For the price this chair is a steal especially compared to its contenders.

Glider is plush and comfortable with thickly padded arms, seat cushions and seat back.  There is plenty of room side to side to comfortably feed your baby. The chair is about 32 inches wide and the seat depth is 31.5 inches.

The swivel is a another great feature specially if you have to grab stuff while trying not to disturb a sleeping baby.

Assembly is quick and easy. It does NOT recline, but this actually may be an advantage because it won’t limit you where you want put the chair if your nursery is small.


  • Features a swivel and a gliding motion function
  • 100% polyester fabric in dark taupe with clean lines for a contemporary styling
  • Features two-toned contrasting welting
  • Minimal assembly required, Maximum weight capacity: 225 lbs
  • Seat height: 18.5 Inch

For the materials, construction, design, comfort and functionality you can’t beat the price.

Buying it from here it is at least $88.20 cheaper than at local stores. You can save up to 23% on this glider chair. Highly recommended!

You can buy online all these amazing glider chairs much cheaper than from the local stores. Click on the Discount Link!

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A Glider Rocker Is the Best Way to Relax

A glider rocker is the best way to relax, nurse the baby, or simply put the baby to sleep. Glider rocking chairs give long, gentle movement which will de-stress your mind and body. Have a cup of coffee and listen to your favorite piece of music as you relax in the glider chair, or enjoy the bliss of gliding back and forth and relive your childhood memories.

glider chair 1Here, at our website, you will get useful information on suppliers, manufacturers, and price of various glider rockers. The reviews and the product description mentioned herein will help you in making an informed decision about buying the product.

The Indoor Glider Chair: This product will beautify the décor of the room with its beige and cherry combination. A padded seat with arms and back offers superior comfort. The chair has steel ball bearings to give you noiseless, long glides. This chair can be assembled in no time. To clean the glider chair, wipe it with damp cloth or use mild soap occasionally. The glider is made in hardwood to provide you lifelong service. The chair is 35 inches wide and 37 inches high and has length of 29 inches. You can get this chair for around $200.

glider chairDutailier Glider Rocking Chair: If you want to enjoy the experience of super smooth, gentle, and long glides, then you will find the answer in Dutailier. Dutailer is a pioneer in glider rockers. It uses the best quality ball bearings that guarantee a lifetime of super gliding experience. The frame of the chair is made in hardwood which gives longevity to the chair. The armrests and the cushions are made from superior foam to provide you utmost comfort as you relax. You have a choice of six types of fabrics for your glider. The price of this glider rocker is around $360.

glider chair 2Post Back Glider Rocking Chair: This glider chair has a high seat back and is very wide to ensure that you can enjoy your moments of watching TV or nursing your baby. You can choose the fabric of this glider rocking chair from the various colors available. Moreover, you can get the glider in different finishes such as maple, oak, cherry etc. Thus you can match this chair with décor of the house. This glider chair is available for around $450. The chair does not require much assembling.

glider chair 3Metal Swivel Rocker and Ottoman Set: If you prefer to swivel at 360 degrees instead of rocking just back and forth, then this chair is especially designed for you. This rocker rotates at 360 degrees. Moreover, unlike the traditional glider rockers, this chair moves in three directions. The metal construction of the chair makes it long lasting, and it requires very simple assembling. The matching leather ottoman merges the ease of reclining with the comfort of bonded leather for the perfect end-of-the-day reward. Constructed of birch hardwood, bonded leather, foam, and metal hardware.  The glider is priced at $399. The chair is 31 inches wide, 31 inches in length and 40.5 high. This product is also accompanied with a matching ottoman.

glider chair 4You’ll look forward to snuggling with baby when you have the Dutailier Contemporary Maple Wood Grand Glider and Nursing Ottoman Combo to sit in. This glider and ottoman combo offers an exceptionally smooth and extra long glide motion with thick cushions and padded arms.

glider chair 5The combination of its contemporary, solid-wood design and honey finish will add value to any room.

A multi-position mechanism locks the glider in six different positions and makes it easier to sit in or get up from. Plus, it features a reclining mechanism to maximize your comfort. Use the retractable footrest of the nursing ottoman for an optimal nursing position. There are no sharp edges, the finish is non-toxic, and this product meets all safety standards.

About Dutailier Dutailier is a privately owned Canadian company established nearly 30 years ago. The company began as a manufacturer of wood components and furniture, including a limited number of glider rocker models. In 1988, Dutailier began focusing all research and resources into becoming the premier producer of glider rockers. It succeeded by bringing the finest technology, superior quality and durability, and patented mechanisms to its furniture. With this expertise, Dutailier has manufactured more than 4 million chairs in North America and Europe. The company has now expanded its market reach with the acquisition of E.G. Furniture, makers of high-end wood bedroom furniture for babies, children, and teens. Dutailier is committed to excellence and meeting its customers’ needs and expectations.

  • multi-position mechanism lets you stop the glider at the desired position
  • Great reclining mechanism for a fully adjustable backrest
  • Wider, deeper seat and a higher backrest
  • Arm pads feature side pockets for handy storage
  • Includes a matching gliding ottoman

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Glider Rocker – A Must Have Baby Furniture

Birth of a child is one of the most cherished moments in life for anyone. Babies are god’s gift to the parents. And hence every parent strives to give his or her child the best possible comforts of the world. A glider rocker is one such thing that every parent would like to have. Sitting on it and feeding the baby or just cuddling up with little one are things every parent wants to do. Slowly rocking this glider chair back and forth, humming a lullaby as the child relaxes in the parent’s arm is a moment, which remains in one’s memory for years to come.

glider chairA nursery glider has slowly emerged as a MUST HAVE baby furniture. Smart craftsmen have managed to develop this nursery furniture so as to use it for multiple things. Even when the baby grows up and no longer needs it, one doesn’t have to junk it away. It can be used as an easy rocking chair. Or it can be kept in your living room serving as a chair alongside your sofa or couch. Many of them are now available with a matching ottoman. Hence you can use the whole glider set as foot stool or even store spare blankets in the hollow ottoman. This ensures that you get maximum value from the hard earned money you spend.

glider chair 1There’s a plethora of glider chair varieties available in any furniture or baby store. It can have different types of cushions on it. For instance, one can get a rocker glider with leather or micro fiber made cushions. Leather can be also of different types ranging from soft, tender ones to hard and sturdy leathers. The arm rests could be a simple plain wooden one or could be thickly padded ones. If you can spend a little extra, you can get the cushion and the arm rest pads changed to match with other upholstery in the home.

glider chair 2One also needs to take care of this nursery furniture so that it remains in a usable condition for a long time. For instance, if the cushion cover is of leather, one has to be extra careful while feeding the baby. Dropping liquids or baby food on it can soil the finishing and can also make it stink if not cleaned properly. In this case, one should immediately clean the glider chair with a soft cleansing liquid or soap so that it remains germ free and also has longer life. Some of recent glider rocker designs have detachable cushion or arm rests for ease of cleaning.

A little care will ensure that you can use the same glider chair for more than one baby. It’s small baby furniture but brings immense joy and happiness to home.

glider chair 3With over 90 different combinations to choose from, you can create a beautiful glider that offers the comfort of your favorite sofa, but has the ability to glide you into a relaxed, tranquil state.

Imagine yourself in that perfectly matching glider and ottoman combination for your nursery; watching your little darling sleep soundly, with your feet up reading a baby magazine, relaxing before bed.

This stylish hoop glider and ottoman can offer it all and is sure to be your favorite. Stork Craft Manufacturing (Stork Craft) is one of the world’s leading juvenile furniture manufacturers. Over the course of sixty plus years of business, Stork Craft has emerged as the epitome of operational excellence. All of our furniture is manufactured to bring you affordable, quality products of the newest designs because your baby deserves the very best. We are constantly updating our product offerings as we recognize that you need attractive items that can be used safely, for your child. Shop Stork Craft to find that perfect piece of furniture for your child.

  • This is the ideal glider and ottoman combination for your nursery with generous seating room, padded arm cushions and a pocket to store your belongings
  • Featuring metal, enclosed ball bearings for a smooth glide motion to help you unwind
  • The back and seat cushions are spot cleanable, keeping the look clean and fresh all year long
  • Cushions are available in grey, butter, pink, light blue, light green, denim blue, chocolate with swirl and chevron patterns plus wood base colors in white, cherry, espresso, black, dove brown, and gray, our combinations are constantly refreshed
  • Easy to assemble into a beautiful piece of furniture for your nursery

Click here to find more comfortable chairs for your home.

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What to Look For When Buying a Glider Rocker

The glider rocker is part of the rocking chair family, yet the major components differ and the glider has a motion all of its own. They both move smoothly and quietly. Both the rocking chair and the glider chair bring us relaxation and comfort which makes either one a great addition to our home.

glider chairThe rocking chair has two curved rockers under the legs. As the occupant of the chair shifts his weight or pushes off with his feet, the rocking motion begins.

The glider rocker moves horizontally forward and back. Rather than sitting on curved rockers, the base of the glider sits firmly on the floor.

This makes it impossible for a child or pet to be caught under the rocker while in motion. Side panels extend downward from the chair arms or seat. Attached to the insides of these side panels is the essential framework which connects the seat to the base. This framework, with linkage and ball bearings, is what allows for the gliding motion. This motion is parallel to the floor.

glider chair 1To further demonstrate the difference between rocking and gliding, I offer this example.  Set a glass of milk on the seats of each chair. Start the motions of both rockers and watch the levels of milk in each glass. The glass on the glider will remain level, while the glass on the rocker will want to spill out as the chair rocks forward and then again as it rocks backwards. Remember how your mom felt about spilled milk?

Raised in a home with rocking chairs and four siblings, we enjoyed the benefits of rocking for years. Our spilled milk episodes occurred at the dinner table. When I moved out of my parents house, I purchased a glider chair which has since then been part of my own home. When someone visits me, it is the first seat they go to. In addition to my glider chair, I now have a gliding love seat, which I personally love. When my long work day is over, that is where I choose to go to relax. I can actually rock myself to sleep while enjoying the smooth gliding motion.

glider chair 2The technology of the glider rocker has led to designs with additional features. One of those features is the swivel motion. This is convenient because you can swivel the chair while remaining seated to face another person or activity in the room. Another popular feature added to the glider is the reclining option. A lever on the side of the chair locks the reclining position, allowing the occupant to lay back and relax. These additional features in the same chair offer optional choices of pleasure for the occupant.

glider chair 3The new Dutailier Modern Grand glider with built in nursing pillow is the latest innovation in the nursing chair comfort.

When not in use, the Nursing pillows provide extra padded comfort as part of the back cushion. When in use, the right or left nursing pillow is simply detached from the back cushion and lowered into the nursing position.

The exclusive Dutailier gliding mechanism allows for an extra long and smooth gliding movement. Its multi-position mechanism stabilizes the glider in 6 different positions and makes it easy to sit in or step out of the glider while holding your baby. In addition, the reclining system makes the backrest fully adjustable to suit your preferences.

  • 98% polyester/2% polyurethane
  • Imported
  • Grand glider chair with built-in feeding pillows
  • Multi-position mechanism allows to stop the glider at the desired position
  • Great reclining mechanism allows backrest to be fully adjustable
  • Hardwood frame construction in espresso finish
  • Easy care beige fabric

Like the rocking chair, the glider rocker is a great addition to the living room, bedroom, family room or den. The glider can also be used in a nursery to calm an infant, or placed by a lamp to create a cozy reading space. From babies to the elderly, people of all ages experience that feeling of well-being from the steady gliding motion. So, buy you glider chair today!

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